You and your band of brave adventurers suddenly find yourselves deep in a mysterious jungle full of secrets and surprises. Danger lies along your path, threatening to take away your 3 precious Life Tokens. Your goal is to reach Jumanji (the centre) and call out its name, but beware: if any of your group runs out of Life Tokens, everyone loses. On each turn, roll the dice and move along the path, using the Green Dome to reveal a riddle.


Solve the riddle correctly and move an extra space. End your turn by drawing a Challenge card to see what difficulties Jumanji has in store for you. You might have to act out a story of your adventures or race to solve a challenge. Be careful or you may lose a Life Token.


Reach the centre with at least one Life Token left per player and yell “JUMANJI” — you’ve just won it for the whole group

Recommended Age: 8+


Players : 2 to 4


Approximate play time: Under 1 hour


Difficulty: Medium