Muffin Time


Muffin time is the chaotic card game that escaped from asdfmovie. It’s quick to learn and easy to play, but be warned: everything can (and probably will) happen in this random game


In this game the person who suggested playing the game gets to go first. Why? Because they’re probably a control freak. Each player starts the game with 3 cards then in every turn, they have the chance to put in front of them a trap card face down, only 3 trap cards can be in front of them.


With the trap card all the players that have done an action indicated in the trap card must face some consequences. Action cards make things happens you can steal other players cards, draw cards, play mini-games or change the rules. Counter cards to defend yourself at any moment.


Shame your enemies with your victory. Collect and keep 10 cards to win the game...just remember, there should not be any card trap and don't forget to shout "It's Muffin Time".


Recommended Age: 12+


Players : 2 to 8


Approximate play time: Under 1 hour


Difficulty: Medium