The Mind


Ever get the feeling you know what your friends are thinking? Could you be telepathic? If so, you’ll find The Mind an experience like no other! This award-winning game of sixth sense and second sight sees you work together against the odds… As a team of up to four, you lay down number cards, from 1 to 100, in the right order… sounds easy right? The catch is, you can’t communicate! You have to use the power of your mind!


Starting with one card each, you think, wait and concentrate… When you feel the time’s right, you must lay your cards – in ascending order! With level one complete, you add a second card, then a third – and so on, all the way up to level 12


Use your precious lives carefully on your journey to beat the game. The Mind is an experience like no other! With over 1 million copies sold The Mind is great for the whole family. Do you have what it takes to beat.. The Mind? Let’s become one!


Recommended Age: 8+


Players : 2 to 4


Approximate play time: 20 minutes


Difficulty: Medium