Information for authors and publishers


Lewisham Libraries are happy to support authors and/or books with an explicit link to Lewisham/South London.


Traditionally published authors are welcome to approach us with donations and suggestions for co-created library events. If published authors wish to suggest books for purchase, they must be available to purchase from our library suppliers and will be considered within the parameters of our Stock Strategy. Please forward all such enquiries to the stock librarian: [email protected]


Due to limited capacity for stock across the borough, we cannot purchase self-published materials. We can accept a small number of donations of self-published materials and a maximum of one copy per title. We are currently prioritising authors and books with a Lewisham/South London focus. Any donations received are subject to the same conditions as general book donations.


Self-published authors who are interested in organising their own library event are welcome to enquire about booking one of the meeting rooms across Lewisham library sites. Library staff may support in the promotion of events if materials are provided by the author. Please forward all room booking enquiries to the relevant library – a full list can be found at: https://libraries.lewisham.gov.uk/digital-content/libraries


Local authors who are keen to support potential future Lewisham library events may be added to the Creative Engagement Librarians’ database. If interested, please contact: [email protected]