AR, (Augmented reality) is where digital objects are made to appear in the physical world usually via a mobile phone screen, or larger interactive screen .


Guided by the Story-Trails mobile AR app, you will be led at your own pace to different story points along a fixed route. If doing the trail on location, you will enter a virtual story portal outside the local participating library to begin your StoryTrails experience. Or you can access any of the 15 StoryTrails locations trails from home via the Story-Trails app. Using a mix of stunning augmented reality experiences that remix the BFI & BBC archives, you will experience history where it actually happened, revitalising the streets upon which you stand with new voices and untold stories of the past. Inside the library you will be immersed in a unique virtual map of Lewisham made up of 3D models, and audio stories captured on location


Travel through a neon portal to begin your journey exploring stories that highlight who we were in the past, who we are now, and where we are heading into the future. These AR trails were built using a range of new technologies. From LiDAR 3D scanning to spatial audio, experience storytelling like never before.


Download the StoryTrails App on iOS and Android


For help with installation, check the StoryTrails Installation Guide

Example images of augemented reality experiences